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12 Station Electronic Bird FeederWho would expect bird feeders to be offered on a woodworking tool site?

Well, there's a simple reason.  Like many of my friends, I'd been through a whole series of bird feeders trying to find one that worked well, lasted long, and perhaps most importantly, kept the squirrels out!
That's when I came across these, and I was hooked! First I got one, then two more.  Over ten years later, they are still going strong.
Since our woodworking tools are all about exceptional performance and value, and these bird feeders are, too, I felt they deserved to be part of our program.  And guess what?  In just a few years we became Wild Bill's most successful single retailer! Imagine that.
Are you tired of having squirrels and raccoons steal your bird feed?  More importantly, are the birds you want to see not able to feed safely?
These revolutionary feeders offer a highly effective, yet animal-safe and environmentally friendly solution.  Available in two sizes, they are by far the most effective feeders we have ever come across.
Get yours today, and get ready to refer your bird-loving neighbors to us next!


12 Station Electronic Bird Feeder

8 Station Electronic Bird Feeder

8 Port Feeding Frenzy NON-electronic  Bird Feeder

Wild Bill's Pole Adapter