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Apollo PRECISION-5 HVLP Turbine Spray System

Apollo PRECISION-5 HVLP Turbine Spray System

$ 1,669.00

Apollo Model PRECISION-5 HVLP Turbine System

Apollo presents refined engineering and optimized performance with the NEW PRECISION-5 with 21% more power from a five stage Turbine:

  • REDESIGNED Precision LCD Message Center - Accurate Pressure Display - Motor Idle - Temperature - Hour Use Meter.
  • REDESIGNED Precision Pressure Control System (PPCS™) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage worldwide, adjusts automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure anywhere in the world.
  • DOCUMENTED 80% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coating when compared with compressed air systems.
  • Throttle Back Control (TCB) Permits highest available flow pressure and increased motor life.
  • Precision five-stage power atomizes higher viscosity coatings with ease.

The Apollo Model PRECISION-5 is perfect for the widest range of coatings, solvent or waterbase, clear or pigmented as well as specialized materials: faux paints, gelcoat, latex (emulsion) and multi-spec.

This is the most advanced HVLP system for industries and applications demanding precision technology for the perfect finish.

This turbine comes equipped with the Handi-Hold™ Spray Gun Docking Station to store, hold or transport your spray gun in a vertical position with no risk of knocking or falling over. Ready to spray when you are.

This unit is supplied with 27 foot flex air hose when ordered as a system with gun and is equipped with an internal air relief valve to accommodate a non-bleed style turbine spray gun.

  • 5 Stage
  • 10 PSI (.069 bar)
  • 130 CFM
  • Dual Air Filtration
  • HVLP Only - Single Spray Gun
  • 110VAC - 60HZ
  • 25 lbs
  • length: 15"
  • width: 8.5"
  • height: 11 5/8"
Choose from these PRECISION-5 Systems in the Drop Down Box above:
  • Turbine only without Hose or Spray Gun
  • Turbine with Apollo 7700 Atomizer Gun
    - Pressure Feed or Gravity Feed - You can select your Tip & Needle size

  • Turbine with Apollo Sprayers 4550 mobile cart fluid feed system

Available Tip & Needle Sizes for 7700 Gun:
  • 0.5mm - Use for Automotive clear coats when doing spot repair only.
  • 0.8mm - Use with very thin materials such as stains and dyes. Also used for auto clears and base coats
  • 1.0mm - (default size) Use for fine touch up, heavier stains, thin lacquers, varnish, shellac
  • 1.3mm - Use for most common clear and base coat finishes
  • 1.5mm - Use for heavier bodied clear and base coat finishes, lighter primers and latex paint on cabinets
  • 1.8mm - Use for heavy bodied clear finishes, light oil based paint finishes and Latex paint on doors and walls.
  • 2.0mm - Use for light primers, oil based finishes and Exterior latex finishes
  • 2.5mm - Use for most latex coatings, heavy build primers and multi-color finishes and Gel-Coat
If you're ordering a system with the 7700 Atomizer gun and would like it supplied with a needle size other than 1.0mm, enter the size in a note with your order. You will receive your gun with the Tip/Needle size you select along with the appropriate Air Cap.
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