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M18-V/M18-S Part Number 023 : 0.7mm (.028") slot width standard HEGNER blade clamp (sold in pairs)

$ 24.95

M18-V/M18-S Part Number 023 :

0.7mm (.028") slot width standard HEGNER blade clamp (sold in pairs). These are the blade clamps initially supplied with each machine for use as both lower and upper blade holders.

Please note:

1)  Standard blade clamps are also available in either smaller (0.5mm, or .020") or larger (1.0mm, or .040") slot widths, to adapt to smaller (size 4 and below) and larger (size 12 and larger) blades, respectively. Please specify size when ordering.  If not specified, 0.7mm clamps will be supplied.

2)  In years past, some machines were initially supplied with the optional HEGNER QuickClamp as the upper blade holder as part of an options package offered at the time.  The QuickClamp is NOT part #23, but may be ordered separately (Item # HQK).

You can find (and order) all blade clamp variations and accessories on the Scroll Saw Accessories page.

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