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Original ZYLISS Vise Portable Clamping System

Original ZYLISS Vise Portable Clamping System

$ 379.00 $ 449.00

This original ZYLISS Vise is a unique homeowner's portable clamping tool modeled, MADE IN SWITZERLAND, that can hold virtually anything, anywhere. Please Note: This is old new stock. The vise has never been used and is in perfect condition and repackaged. The plastic parts are black instead of the blue shown in the pictures.

The unique ZYLISS Vise jaws have two clamping surfaces: one near the table edge and one approximately five-and-one-quarter inches of the table. This creates unparalleled versatility: you can hold more than one workpiece at a time to set up joinery, gluing and repair jobs with exceptional ease and simplicity. You’ll discover a world of uses for your ZYLISS Vise!

You can also flip the vise upside-down to create an even more unusual and highly valuable setup for flat work. In the “low-jaw” grip, the clamping surfaces protrude only 3/8” off the work surface - ideal for gaining fully unobstructed access to the entire surface of a flat piece. You can saw, sand, drill, plane, rout, carve and more, all without re-positioning your work or the clamp!

The basic VISE unit includes a quick-release outboard jaw,two bench clamps, two turning centers, two soft jaws, the end stop and an owner's manual.

This Value Package also includes the accessory kit shown above: two lower soft jaws for gentle gripping, two aluminum jaw covers for working in metals without damaging your vise, two tube jaws for holding round stock, drill holder to convert your ZYLISS Vise into a drill press, and turntable for mounting your vise in any axis.  PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK! 

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