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Tormek T-4 Bushcraft Water Cooled Sharpening System

Tormek T-4 Bushcraft Water Cooled Sharpening System

$ 456.00 $ 477.00

Tormek T-4 Bushcraft includes the Knife Jig and Axe Jig.

The T-4 Bushcraft is painted in hunter green rather than the Tormek blue of the regular T-4. Other than featuring the color differences, this edition is a great value: for only $41 more than the standard T-4, you get the Knife Jig and the Axe Jig, a value of $62! 

A better than factory edge at a low price. That's exactly what the Tormek T-4 Bushcraft water cooled sharpening system offers you. Tormek has taken the same high-quality, incredible results that our 10” professional-grade T-8 delivers and made it a little smaller, which perfectly fits many of our customer's needs and budget.

With this system, you will get: the sharpener, the 8" water-cooled grinding wheel, the leather stropping wheel (for honing and polishing your edge to 6000-plus grit), the WM-200 Angle Master, PA-70 Honing Compound, user’s manual, SP-650 Stone Grader for changing stone grit from 220 to 1000, Universal Support with micro adjust scale and a Tormek user's manual.

Tormek also offers a host of jigs and attachments, meaning your entire garage and workshop can be sharpened. Knives, axes, scissors, chisels, plane irons, lathe turning tools, carving and gouging tools, wood turning tools and almost any other kind of edged tool can be sharpened using Tormek patented jigs (sold separately).

The T-4 Bushcraft comes with a 7-year warranty and we'll bet this machine will last for decades to come. If you’ve been looking at a Tormek sharpening system, but thought the T-8 might be a little more than your needs dictate, here’s your chance.

  • Forest green Bushcraft T4 includes: WM-200 angle master, PA-70 honing compound, SP-650 stone grader, SVA-170 axe jig, and SVM-45 knife jig
  • Accessories and jigs are also available to assist you in achieving a better than factory edge, quickly
  • Includes complete instruction manual to help you achieve professional tool sharpening results
  • Dual grit 1-5/8 in. wide sharpening stone turns at just 120 RPM, to ensure your blade does not overheat and the steel does not lose it's temper
  • Die cast zinc top, impact resistant ABS plastic, industrial quality
  • Stainless steel hardware for long life
  • Tormek offers a 7-year warranty on this machine; made in Sweden


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