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The MultiTool Belt Grinding Attachment turns an ordinary bench grinder into an incredibly versatile metal finishing tool.  Engineered in the USA by a collaboration of sharpening and machine experts. 

Just introduced:  the new MultiTool Grinder!  Now get the world's most popular grinder attachment complete with a high-quality bench grinder to create the most versatile workstation in your shop!
The belt grinder has three contact options: the flat platen, the contact wheel and the slack belt. Each offers its own performance advantages. The contact wheel removes stock at a surprising pace, but keeps the operation surprisingly cool. The platen delivers a flat reference. The slack belt conforms to contours in your work piece.

With a vast variety of abrasives and polishing accessories, belt changes take just seconds and require no tools! The face of the drive wheel also features a 7" sanding disc.

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